Welcome to Excesss Photobooth in Columbus Ohio. Central Ohio's leader in premium level photobooth service with postcard-sized prints, custom designed backgrounds, and greenscreen service -all for one low price!

Central Ohio's LEADER in Karaoke and Trivia has a well kept secret: The best photobooth in Columbus!
Excesss is proud to present a top quality booth solution that makes no excuses. You can see the quality in every picture we provide to our patrons. And we provide ALL the extras- at NO extra cost!
Excesss photobooth means a QUALITY photobooth and a white-glove level of service. We use real DSLR cameras and off-camera modeling lights as well as off-camera flash. We feature professionally designed backgrounds custom to each event we do, larger prints, and we never nickel and dime with add-on pricing. We always offer everything we do at every event we do - and always at at one low price
No tiny booth to crawl inside - a massive studio-style backdrop with professionally designed greenscreen backgrounds are better! Excesss is a OPEN AIR, BOOTHLESS Photobooth service! We can get larger crowds in every shot, and being open allows everybody to watch the fun!
Greenscreen services at no extra charge means infinite backdrop possibilities! We offer Hollywood magic with our booth! Through the magic of greenscreening, we subtract out the backdrop, and can add in any design of your choice! This happens in real time and makes for ENDLESS backdrop options! We even offer MULTIPLE backgrounds - as many as FIVE your guests can choose from- at no extra cost!
Massive postcard-sized pictures- no dinky little strips! Some booths offer tiny 2x6 strips with multiple pictures, where you can barely see the people in the pictures. We offer large 4x6 POSTCARD SIZED prints that create keepsakes to be treasured and large photos where EVERYONE -even when in large groups - can easily be seen!
Deluxe prop collection-never an extra fee Our ever growing, always changing, unmatched prop table is MASSIVE fun. We'll gladly manage any props you care to provide us for your guests, as well! Our impressive collection of props is also curated for any season or theme we have, and is we include the props at no extra charge!
Always free prints - and never a charge for our deluxe postcard size! Believe it or not, some photobooth companies will CHARGE FOR PRINTS! WE offer free printing all the time, every time. And the large format, 4x6 prints look AMAZING out of our professional-grade dye sublimation printer! (other companies use cheaper, slower INKJET printers!)
Free digital copy of all pictures on a free thumb drive Excesss Photobooth provides a thumbdrive loaded with a digital copy of all pictures at every event we do. And of course, we never charge extra for this! These are YOUR memories-you deserve to have them all to keep forever!
Free reprints! Free photobook service for newlyweds! We are happy to make reprints onsite, and of course there is no charge for 1 or 2 extra copies. As a special gift to newlyweds, we throw in a complimentary photo book and extra prints so every guest can sign next to their photo!
Always hosted by trained professionals with professional-grade equipment! White-glove level hosted photobooth service means having an attendant on hand to frame every shot, hand out pictures, take reprints and getting everyone to SMILE! Professional grade DSLR camera (no tablet camera like other companies!) Off-camera flash, off-camera modeling lights... it all adds up to top quality pictures!
RESPONSIBLE BOOTH SOLUTIONS FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING We have developed our best practices, which are designed with the intent of allowing us to operate as safely as possible while still providing our services. We have stanchions and signage to control traffic flow and allow for social distancing, and we can operate our booth in a no-touch, no-props manner, and provide hand sanitizer for guests upon exiting our booth.Click here to find out more
NOT ALL PHOTOBOOTHS ARE CREATED EQUAL! We offer everythng we do at one low price. Other services may seem cheaper- but OTHERS use cheaper cameras, MOST offer no external flash or modeiling lights, SOME offer chepaer slower inkjet printers! We offer all of our services bundled for one low rate -many competitors charge extra for each little thing- resulting in a much higher price to get even CLOSE to our level of service and options! And we don't skimp on quality! DSLR cameras, off camera flash, off camera modeling lights, and professional-grade dye sublimation printing are STANDARD with EXCESSS PHOTOBOOTH.Click here to contact us and book us for your event today!
Nothing makes memories like a photobooth... and there is no photobooth with all the options of EXCESSS PHOTOBOOTH!Click here to contact us and book us for your event today!

Photobooths are a lot of fun. You should get one for your next event!

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Carefree fun for everyone. Memories that last a lifetime.

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Nobody does greenscreen like Excesss Photobooth

Our professional level DSLR cameras and lenses, take great pcitures, especially when used in conjunction with our off-camera diffused modeling light and our off-camera flash system.


Have you seen this person?

You may have noticed this guy in a bunch of the featured photos on this website. That's becaUSe Excesss Photobooth is always a hosted booth, and we start each of our sessions by taking test shots to ensure the lighting, focus, framing, and greenscreen effects are all set up just right for each event we do.


Endless background possibilities

If we can buy it or if you provide it, we can make a background out of it! We have incorporated vacation and engagement pics, illustrations, and even wedding invitation artwork as booth backgrounds. We also do MULTIPLE backgrounds for our events, allowing guests to pick their favorite!


Extra large prints for no extra charge.

We are proud to offer large postcard-sized 4x6 prints at no extra charge. The larger prints are a standard size for framing and just look so much better than the old-fashioned thin tiny strips.


Custom designed layovers to match your chosen backgrounds

We take the time to custom design layovers for every event we do. We'll make the text appear exactly as you tell us, and we do a unique treatment for each background. There's never an extra charge for the initial custom designs!


Capture the moments - make a memory!

No matter what the reason for your gathering, your celebration is capturing a moment in time. Photobooths turn those moments into keepsakes that last a lifetime. We also provide a digital copy of all pictures on a thumbdrive - always at no extra charge!

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